Wire Transfer | GFM Trader




If you prefer not to use your credit card to fund your GFM Trader account, you can make a bank wire transfer. Transfers made via bank wire take between 3 to 5 days to make it in to your account.

Before you make a bank wire transfer please ensure that you have the below information ready:

Your Bank Account Balance:
Before you make a transfer ensure that your bank balance has sufficient funds for the amount you wish to deposit.

The currency you wish to transfer:

When you are opening your GFM Trader account the currency you wish to use to fund your accounts must be selected. Please note, once you select the type of currency to use you can not change it. Currently we accept Euro, USD and Australian Dollars (AUD) to fund your account. Soon GFM Trader will add other currencies to give our clients a broader range of options such as the GBP and the Turkish Lira.

If you have an account with GFM Trader you will be able to see the international bank accounts we have on the banking page of your online platform. Please note the reference number that the bank transfer system gives you and note that reference on your transfer document. This will enable us to track your transfer faster. For further information please advise your account manager.

*You can also fund your GFM Trader account via online internet banking.


Things you should know about wire transfers:

Should you have any queries about wire transfer to your GFM Trader account please contact your account manager at +1-646-6166749 (AUS: +61-28-6078421, UK: +44 20-31500628) or our customer support via email [email protected]