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Turbo options are exactly the same as binary options.Just like binary options trading, the trades are based on a financial instrument you choose to trade, where you forecast whether the price of the instrument will go up or down. However, turbo trading is for fast traders that want to get in and out of a position within minutes.

With expiry times of 1, 2 and 5 minutes you can always get in and out of the market at the reaction time and price level. They are still the same option trading strategy but for the fast trader that enjoys reactions from news and sensitive price levels.

Financial markets move fast, especially when the news hits the screen. To trade a fast market you need a fast option. GFM Trader’s Turbo Options are a great way to trade the news, support and resistance bounce and break out levels.

You can watch the video below for step by step instructions on Turbo options trading by Marty Meydan – CEO of Meydan&co :

2 Turbo Binary Option Trading with the GFM… by gfmtrader

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