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Binary options are the most popular option types of out times.

Binary options are trades based on a financial instrument you choose to trade, where you forecast whether the price of the instrument will go up or down. Within a certain time period, known as the option due date/time, you forecast whether the price of the financial instrument will be Higher or Lower than the current market price. Since the market can only go up or down you have an opportunity to make money on both sides of the market.

If you forecasted that the price will go up you enter a Call (Buy) option transaction. If the you foresee that the price will decrease you enter a Put (Sell) option transaction. Binary options is that simple to trade. You only have to determine your direction within the options time period.

An advantage of binary options is that you determine your risk and you know your exact potential profit before you even enter the trader. Making money management effective and under control.

You can watch the video below for step by step instructions on digital options trading by Marty Meydan – CEO of Meydan&co :

Digital Options Trading at the GFM Trader Platform by gfmtrader

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