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Binary Options are the easiest financial instruments to trade. You can start trading by simply following the below steps below. Should you need any assistance then please contact our customer support and we will be able to help you with any query you might have.

1. Open your binary option trading account: Simply register your details and create your Binary Option Trading Account by clicking here. Accept the terms and conditions and proceed through our secure site to fund your account. Once your funding has been accepted you are ready to trade.

2. Choose the type of option you would like to trade: Select your option type from Digital/ Touch/ Boundry options and select the financial instrument (Stocks, Currencies, Indices, Commodities) to trade. Some traders choose to trade in a specific segment, for example currency traders prefer to trade currency binary options. However, you can also use different financial instruments to hedge your positions or to balance out your trading portfolio.

3.Choose Your Time of Expiration: Choose an expiry time for the financial instrument you selected to determine how long the option will last: Binary option trades can be from any where between 5 minutes to a month long. Generally the option period is determined as 1 hour however you can open a position up to 5 minutes before an option expires.

4.Analysis is important: Once you decided on the financial instrument to trade you need to determine the direction of the trade as per your analysis: Traders typically conduct technical and fundamental analysis before predicting the direction that the asset will move. If you want to learn how to conduct a basic analysis before making your first trade, you can read about how to conduct technical and fundamental analysis in our detailed technical analysis E-Book.

5.Set an amount to invest for the trade: You can start with a slittle as $10 or as much as $5,000. You can also enter multiple trades simultaneously to hedge your trades or to have a balanced protfolio.

6.Wait for the option to expire and collect your profit: You can keep track of how your option are performing in their online accounts under “My Trades”. If your trade ends up in-the-money you will receive a return of 75% – 91% on top of your initial investment.


You can watch the video below for step by step instructions on how to trade and for an introduction to our platform by Marty Meydan – CEO of Meydan&co :

GFM Trader Platform and Site Introduction Video by gfmtrader

There are many profitable strategies you can use to increase your profits. By  opening an account with GFM Trader you can start turning the market waves into profits straight away.