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How can I deposit money to my GFM Trader account?
Depositing funds to your GFM Trader account and starting to trade is very easy.
By using the below deposit methods 7 days a week 24 hours a day you can trade 6 days of the week 24 hours a day.

*Deposits made via credit cards and debit cards that hold a Visa or Mastercard symbol hit your GFM Trader account as soon as the transaction is approved.
**In order for bank wire transfers to enter your GFM Trader account your bank must complete the transfer procedures, accordingly this may take up to 3 to 5 business days.

In order to deposit funds to your GFM Trader account follow the below steps:

Once you have completed your transaction, you will receive an email to the email address you registered when opening your account. In addition, our customer support department will follow up all deposits made to your account in order to keep you up to date.

How will my credit card deposits be seen on my credit card statements?
The deposits you make to fund your account via credit and debit cards will be seen as GFM Trader on your credit or debit card statements.

How secure are online depositing methods?

GFM Trader undertakes its financial transactions with Euro Bank which is regulated by financial institution regulatory authorities such as the FSA, CySEC and MIFID. Thus, GFM Trader is obliged to uphold a certain level of security standards in order to comply with such regulatory authorities standards towards banking and other financial transactions.

Beyond the internet security systems adopted by GFM Trader, anti money laundering laws and regulations provide a compliance work procedure frame work that we must adhere to, in order to ensure that your account information is kept safe via procedures followed for opening an account, depositing funds and withdrawals made to and from your GFM Trader account. These procedures ensure that the account holders identities are kept safe and are matched to every individual transaction via an identity cross check procedure.

In addition to the administrative procedures mentioned above GFM Trader uses 128 bit SSL coding every time you enter the site with a secure HTTPS protocol. All your financial transactions are done under 2048 bit SSL security coding.
 Accordingly you can carry out all transactions via GFM Trader with confidence.

Should you have any queries regarding depositing funds please contact your account manager on +1-646-6166749 (AUS: +61-28-6078421, UK: +44 20-31500628) or via email [email protected]