Banking FAQ | GFM Trader


How can I update my personal information?
Traders can update their personal information after logging in to their account via the Sign In procedure. Subsequently, you can enter My Account page and make amendments from the My Profile tab.

How can I make deposits to my account?
Once you have logged into your account you can make deposits to your account by clicking the DEPOSIT button. Accordingly you can fund your account with the available depository options.

What is a SWIFT code?
Every bank has a specific identification code known as a SWIFT code. Bank transfers require you to provide the SWIFT code of the bank receiving your deposit in addition to the bank account details of the recipient. You can contact your bank for your SWIFT code. If you wish to make a deposit to your account via bank transfer then, note our SWIFT code in the deposit page. Should you have any questions please contact customer support.

Which currencies can I use to make a deposit to my trading account?
Currently GFM Trader accounts can be funded with USD, EUR and the Australian Dollar (AUD).

Note: When you open your account you will need to select a currency base for your account. You are not able to change this afterwards.

What is the maximum amount I can deposit to my account?
Each credit card transaction has a limit of $/€/AUD 5,000 and you are able to make three such transactions a day, thus allowing you a maximum credit card deposit of $/€/AUD15,000 per day depending on your currency preference. Should you wish to make a larger deposit you can do so via bank transfer.

What is the minimum amount I can deposit to my trading account?
Our minimum deposit is $/ €/ or AUD 250 depending on your currency preference.

How can I see my balance?
Once you log in to your trading account, you can see your balance on the top of the page.

Are my earnings subject to taxes?
GFM Trader does not give tax consultations regarding the tax laws and regulations of the country of your residence. Accordingly every trader/ investor must seek their own legal tax consultation according to their regulatory laws.

How can I withdraw from my account?
Once you enter your account\ click on the CASHIER tab. You will note that there is a Withdraw tab under the DEPOSIT window. From the Withdraw tab select the amount and method of withdrawal and simply click WITHDRAWAL to send your withdrawal demand to our financial department. Your withdrawals can be done via bank transfer or credit card.

Can I cancel my withdrawal request?
Yes. If the confirmation email for your withdrawal request has not yet reached your inbox your withdrawal may be cancelled. .

How can I be sure my funds are secure?
Your trading account funds and personal details are subject to the same procedures as internet banking and are subject to the global security standard of 2048 bit coding protocol. Each client’s identification verified via several identification documents that are cross checked, as per fraud regulations. For security purposes, please do not share your account details with anyone.

What is the minimum money withdrawal amount?
All withdrawals must be greater than the cost of the transfer to your account. Other than that there is no minimum limit and you can withdraw your funds at any time.